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     Keishin-ryu Heiho  Musashi-ryu Ninpo 

アーバン忍者ナイトツアー 東京 イブニング・ツアー 忍者の夕べ Ninja Tokyo




The Ajikan Meditation (in a Shingon Sect Buddhist temple)

Charge:  ¥5,000 per person  minimum number of participants:2
¥2,000 (Child: age:5-11)
                 Anyone under 11 must be accompanied by a participating guardian.

Program:A swordmanship demonstration by a Shingon priest
                 The orientation to The
Ajikan, which is a core meditation in mikkyo
(esoteric) Buddhism.
                  Its purpose is to bring the practitioner to perceive 'Yuh' a state of being 
                 with enlightened cosmic Sun Buddha called Dainichi Nyorai
Place:     Nakano Kannondo (Shingon sect of buddhism) 

Day & Time: Monday (daytime),  Tuesday-Saturday(after 6:00 p.m.)
Duration: 90 minutes. 

Attention:Wear comfotable clothes. (To sit in a lotus posture, make sure to wear
                  pants. People wearing skirts cannot participate in sessions.
            Samue outfits can be rented at 1000yen

In the Ajikan, the practitioner focusses on an image of the character 'A'  
                    of the Siddham script in a hanging scroll and meditates.

Ajikan begins with centering yourself, and 'watching the breath', gradually allowing
yourself to enter into a state of slow rhythmic breathing and relaxation.

With eyes half open, focus your awareness on the image in the scroll
, effortlessly
allowing yourself to hold the image clearly in your mind’s eye, so that when you close
your eyes, the image will still be there before you, perceived as pure bright light.

When you reach the point where you can hold the image clearly in your mind’s eye while your eyes are closed, allow theimage of moon-disc & lotus to gradually increase in size.

Let the image continue to intensify and expand to the point where becomes so immeasurably vast as to fill the entire universe, being
aware that the image of the moondisc & lotus are being absorbed into the core of your being - your heart center. Then the image gradually intensifies and expands - emanating out beyond your aura, radiating the intense, clear light out to all beings as a source of healing, protection, and spiritual and worldly benefit.

Then gradually become aware of the image beginning to decrease in brightness and in size, eventually diminishing and returning to its original dimensions.
Maintain your state of slow rhythmic breathing for a few moments, as you gradually return your focus of awareness to the world around you once more

* The character 'A' is the first letter of  the alphabet and represents the basic essence of all things: the unproduced, the impermanent, the immaterial - the void from which all creation emerges. The character is usually place on a 'moon-disc' resting on an open lotus-blossom.
The moon is a sign of purity of heart and the lotus, the desire to achieve enlightenment.

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