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  江戸の隠密 武蔵一族
The Musashi Clan Ninja Warriors Ninja



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E-07 Learn Apple Cutting

[E-01 Ninja Experience
[E-02 Samurai Experience
[E-03 Exclusive Deal

[E-04 Seminar by 3 Ninjas
[E-05 Ninja Party / Show
[E-06 Ninja in Shibamata
[E-07 Learn Apple Cutting
[E-08 Shogun's Flagship Deal] 

Your cost includes Joe Okada, living in Maizuru,Kyoto, his round trip train fares. Maizuru-Tokyo-lessons-Maizuru a total of his 19 hours, your swords, obi sash , some possible kimono, apples,big radish,etc.

       Learn   "The apple cutting in the air "
       from the Last
Samurai, Joe Okada

Place: The Jidai Academy Dojo
You can observe & witness all the Ninja weapons.

Time: 4 hours in AM (8:00 to Noon) or PM (1:30 to 5:30)
Cost:   from 1 to 3 persons: 125,000yen
                    4 persons..............140,000yen
                    5 persons..............155,000yen.