Costume Donning
         Learn all about the Japanese Traditional Costumes in Tokyo from our Sensei.

          Who wants to be a Geisha? Who wants to be a Shogun?

          Why don't you try a gorgeous kimono or a prettty yukata?

          We give seminars and workshops on the Japanese costumes.

          To be operated with a minimum number of 4 people booked. 

                                                     Georgia University Workshop In Atlanta

    For ladies:       Geisha,  Princess in Sengoku period, Princess in Edo period, Ninja, etc.
    For gents:      Nobleman,   Samurai  in Edo period,   Feudal Lord, Ninja, etc.

 Traditional Costume Donning in Asakusa   
Intended for:       Minimum number of people : 4
      Charge:             From ¥12,500 ~
Time & Place:   2-3 hours in between 11:00a.m. and 15:00p.m. in Asakusa
Program:           Try the most traditional kimono and stroll around your neighborhood
                  We can come to your place when tranportation is provided.

 Japanese Traditional Costumes in Tokyo アーバン忍者 Kimono show 時代衣装着付け、着物ショー by ウエスト