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Our Mission

Though we connot show the most serious parts of our ninpo taijutsu, I hope visitors to our dojo will find our shinobi hospitality very sincere and heartfelt.

羂索 Kenjak (nawa shuriken) was one of the weapons used by my ancestors.
This is a replica made by my father for a religios use.

Our ancestors were good in firearms and exlosives. They had good access to materials necessary for manufacturing powders and craft-weapons as bakushin of the Tokugawa shogunate.

A shiyakuzutsu (replica) in my father's hand. He made it a half size, as it's illegal now to produce a firearm.

A unique religious jutte of the Shibatas.

Many of my friends whom I was privileged to get to know, know that I have been a tour-guide for over 30 years.

I started a ninja tour for my young shinobi friends who happened to be actors and actresses, in addtion to introducing our legacy to the general public in Japan, and to offering international visitors, especially families, chances to see something authentic and interesting at the same time. 

About 15 years ago, it so happened that I started to build homepages for myself and thought I would make a page for my father, too. That was the starting point of my interest in his works. Why! He had beauatiful hand crafted weapons. And then I started to really notice his friends, associates and students. Nawa Yumio-sensei, Matsuo Kenpu-sensei, and Sato Kimbei-sensei were very good friends of his.

One day a 15th dan Shinobi of Bujinkan wrote to me to ask if my father would craft a kakushi-buki for him. This was the first time I got to know something about Bujinkan. This shidoshi had been authorized by soke to be in show business.

As we became very good friends, I joined his dojo and started to help him with his show business. His students were half actors and half shinobi, and they were poor. I wanted to help them, and feed them.

After several years, one day, all of a sudden our shidoshi told us that he was going to learve us. He was going to take all of our excellent shinobinoshu with him to work for someone extremely important. He didn't mention the name of this VIP, but we understood the nature of his new work.

But we had show and tour contracts. So I decided to take over his business. But I was at a loss because I knew it was all but impossible to get help from other dojos. I decided to talk to my parents about the matter. 

My father said he would help.  He called his students and his long time shihan buyu for help.Right away I found myself with about 20 people from several different ryuha. Half of them were my father's men. I had a few from the former dojo. Everybody helped me. Their dedication turned out very impressive.

From the beginning Kazuchika was exceptional. He was always ready to help. Humble, sincere and reliable. Seeing how he moved, an amateur like myself could tell he was an excellent martial art practitioner. He was a student of Sato Kimbei-sensei and came to my father's workshop after his sensei's death. He became his best student .

When my father decided to retire at the age of 80 suffering from cancer. I took over his position as the representative of his group, naming it the Musashi Clan. I asked Kazuchika to be our master ninja.

Then, my father revealed to me that my grandfather was the head of shinobi assassins till 80 years ago. My mother knew it, too, but she kept her mouth shut for so many years! But the time came, at last. All the pieces came to fit in my puzzle.
My ancestors, my grand father, and my father's workshop. Everything was prepared before I knew. My father said it's OK to talk about our linage, as over 50 years have passed since my grandfather passed away.

The family legacy and good part of the tradition have to continue. In my generation, the family knowdge is going to serve for international friendship and understanding. And we have decided to commit ourselves to introducing small ryuha schools,  the legacies of which the public does not notice, otherwise.

My father and Kazuchika have assimilated a lot of things into our family martial arts. We have named ours Keishin-ryu Heiho. The ninpo-taijutsu part was named Musashi-ryu, as my great grand father was called Musashi-person in the Japanese Wikipedia. Also, it is a bit easier for the people from other ryuhas to collaborate with us, as everybody is a Musashi-ryu shinobi here.

If any of you come to our dojo in Tokyo. You'll see some of the nimpo taijutsu based on my samurai-ninja weaponsmith family legacy of 420 years. We'll show the very basic, some of what we show to the novices in our dojo, which is perhaps enough for the general public who want to get a glimpse of our legacy. The people will know that there are still shinobi, today.

Suzak, (
The Musashi clan

忍者 国際交流・親善活動  Ninja Show, Traditional Arts, Urban Ninja Warriors, Tokyo 
We welcome visitors from all over the world to train with us.