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    The Musashi Ichizoku
        Ninja Experiences & Shows & Seminars


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[E-14 Body Mechanics]




 Hands-on Ninja Experience  
a basic course (90 min)
      a certificate course (120min)  


 Samurai Experience
Introduction to Iai swordsmanship


 Exclusive Deal !  
Ninja and Samurai
       A 4-hour experience to learn both.


 Musashi Ninja Workshop
  for a group of more than 10 people


 We deliver Ninja Party / Show

     Basic Information (except for E-09)
No experience necessary.
     Participants must be over 12.
     Children from 5-11 must be with a participating parent.
     This is private instruction.

Booking information
For this experience, it is recommended to request
     bookings 14 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy
Once you have reveived a booking confirmation,
      cancellations and rebooking are allowed up to
       7 days prior to the experience.

       8 days prior     0%
days prior  50%
day prior       70%
       on the day

    Tell us what you are interested in and we can arrange for the  type of experience you want.
     For people who want to get a general view of ninpo- taijutstu,
  we can include shintai-sohsa training in which you learn to make   better use of white mustles, etc, and this does not require martial   art skills, so no jumping or rolling or striking is  necessary.
     After a session with our ninjashu, we hope you will have a bit   deeper insight into our legacies and traditions.

Our ancestors came to Tokyo following a feudal lord named Ieyasu Tokugawa in the 1590's and stayed with the Tokugawa Shogunate   till 1868 as Tokugawa's "hatamoto" retainers, and assumed the position of bugyo and onmitsu-motojime.

Thus in our family martial arts, not only ninpo but the martial arts of the Tokugawa shogunate such as Edo Machikata Hojojutsu and Kenjutsu techniques are included.

To our regret, my grandfather, master swimmer of the old Shifu-ryu Eiho, didn't teach the 14 traditional ways to my father, but other things have been handed down to us in our weapon workshop (jutte kobo).

We use authentic hand-crafted weapons (my father's works)
Weapon techniques, grappling, throwing, kicking, rolling, etc are incorporated into our programs.

The Musashi Clan,  Ninja Show and Ninja Training Experinece