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    The Musashi Ichizoku
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E-01 Ninja Experience

This course is intended for adults who can respect our traditions.
We request our guests to be quiet, mindful and observant in training.

 This is for less than 10 people.

[E-01 Ninja Experience
[E-02 Samurai Experience
[E-03 Exclusive Deal

[E-04 Seminar by 3 Ninjas
[E-05 Ninja Party / Show
[E-14 Body Mechanics]

本語 (inJapanese)


           Ninja Hands on Experience 忍者体験
(Interpreter fee included)    通訳付きのコース
Traditional martial arts in 2 courses @ our dojo in Tabata
Reservation: office@musashi.ninja

  E-01-A     5 Basic Techniques (from 1 person)     


 Minimum number of participant:1
15,000 JPY per person,  
 Anyone under 11 must be accompanied by a  participating guardian. 
 1,500 JPY per spectator over 12 years old.

 Inform us of your height, and the name of our hotel.


 120 minutes  10:00  13:30  16:00 (Weekday)    
                              14:30 (Saturday)
                              10:00-20:00 (Anytime, Sunday) 


 1. Meditation and Kujikiri
 2. Embu Dedication to our ancestors
 3. Change to a ninja outfit→
 4. Introduction to Ninja weapons→
 5. Ninja star (shuriken)
 6. Blowgun→  
 7. Stealthy Steps
 8. Introduction to meditative inner eye technique
 9. Kujikiri  
10.Photo time

 1-6 guests (1 instructor ninja and 1 interpreter)  
 7-10 guests (we can extend the duration up to 3 hours with no extra charge, if you request the deal when you make your reservation. This is possible when we do not have other reservations for later hours.)

  E-01-B    3 Basic Techniques (from 2 people or more)


 Minimum number of participants:2
12,000 JPY per person , 
 Anyone under 11 must be accompanied by a  participating guardian. 
 1,500 JPY per spectator over 12 years old.

 Inform us of your height, and the name of our hotel


 90 minutes        10:00   13:30   16:00  (Weekday)                                       14:30(Saturday)
               10:00-20:00 (Anytime, Sunday)


 Ninja experience
 Meditation→Change to a Ninja Outfit→Practice NInja  Star, Blowgun
→Stealthy Steps→Kujikiri (wellwishing)→Photo time
 1-6 guests (1 instructor ninja and 1 interpreter)  



  Access to Jidai Academy Dojo 
5-3, 6-Chome, Tabata, Kitaku, Tokyo 

 Our English speaking member will meet you at Tabata JR Station North Gate.(at the entrance of AtreVie)


 Advance payment : 4 days prior to your session.  
  Upon confirming your booking with us.  



 7-2 days prior to the session   50%
                           1 day prior  70%
                           on the day  100%

About Meditation
  The art of ninjutsu is more than learning the physical skills of the martial arts. It is also finding your inner self through physical   conditioning, meditation, and discipline.
  With the practice of meditation one develops key elements of   increased awareness and detachment while increasing his/her sense of inner peace.

It is through meditation that ninjas learn how to reach the "Ku" (no-self, void), and to control the energy called "Ki"  which is the   essential life force existing in all things in the universe.
  In meditation a ninja seeks to get to  the "Ku no kyochi" (state of   no-self) by integrating his/her  body and mind. This state of mind   gives a ninja the power to block out everything except the task at   hand by using a sense of extreme calm and enhanced concentration.

About Kujikiri
  Kujikiri is a series of nine simbolic hand gestures. It invokes the   spiritual and mental strength. The hand signs are believed to be able to channel energy. The hand signs were taken from  the   practices of the early buddhists. They are used to build confidence and strength in the practitioner. They are also believed to enhance   one’s sensitivity to danger and enable one to foresee death.

About weapons
   See some of our authentic weapons made by our master    weaponsmith.

For a child to participate in our training, (s)he is expected to understand the following:
    1. Follow the words of adults.
    2. No walking around in the dojo when people are training.
    3. No touching the weapons without permission.
    4. No talking in class.

        Ninja Warriors of the Musashi Clan, Ninja Show and Ninja Training Experinece