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    The Musashi Ichizoku
        Ninja Experiences & Shows & Seminars


     Keishin-ryu Heiho  Musashi-ryu Ninpo 

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E-06 Ninja in Shibamata

Cancellation charge
   one day prior 50%
     on the day 100%

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[E-06 Ninja in Shibamata
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This is a unique dining in Tokyo that all the family can enjoy. 
In this hafl day tour traditional lunch, entertainment and fun is included.

At Kawachiya you will step right into the pages of Japanese history and savour a unique atmosphere that has been centuries in the making. Have lunch and wear a ninja outfit, then, do not miss a delightful visit to
Taishakuten Temple at a stone's throw away from our place

A 2-minute walk from Shibamata Station (Keisei Line)
Upon request, our tour guide will meet you at your hotel or at a station near your hotel to take you to Shibamata by train, which is the quickest way to get there.

   Charge:             18,000(adult) ,  14,000(child 5-15)  
   Operated for more than 3 participants
   Time:                  Sunday 11:30 meeing time.
   Place:                 Kawachiya in Shibamata
                              At Kawachiya Restaurant, traditional unaghi
                              lunch is served 
   Program:           Our ninjas will introduce traditional movements
                             and customs of the bakufu onmitsudoshin
                             including Edomachikata Hojojutsu.
                             You wear a shozoku of our clan.
Reculez dans le temps et savourez un dejeuner magnifique dans notre maison, et ensuite partagez un apres-midi avec nos.
        On vous invite pour une journee inoubliable.

   7-6-16 Shibamata, Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan 125- 0052
   Tel:03- 3657- 4151(Japanese only)   Fax:03- 3657- 415

 ]ŒË‚Ì”EŽÒ •‘ ˆê‘° ŠZ‘ÌŒ± @ìç‰Æ      Kawachiya, Shibamata, Tokyo@