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  江戸の隠密 武蔵一族
The Musashi Clan Ninja Warriors Ninja



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E-08 Shogun's Flagship Deal

Japanese Version

  This session includes:
2.Kujikiri Ritual
3.Embu performance

 You learn about:
The ninja history as well as our history of 420 years, and about weapons, etc.

 You experience:
1. Shinobiashi - The ninja steps
2. Train yourself to sense...
3. The idea of "KUH" (no-self)
through breathing control

*   For those who want to wear Shinobi hood; you can rent it with prior request
at a nominal fee.

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[E-02 Samurai Experience
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[E-08 Shogun's Flagship Deal]


             Ninja Experience
        on board the Atakemaru

For groups and families

   Ninja or Samurai experience on the Atakemaru

The flagship of the third shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa.
With 2 bugei-ninja and 1 liaison-ninja(interpreter)   
       Price 80,000 yen + fare (3060yen/ person)    

A 80-minute session using 2 cruises          
                    2.  13:45-15:15
                    3.  14:35-16:05


 Shinobi Treat on the Atakemaru,the Shogun's Flagship!  

 The Japanese shinobi mental training has been still valid in  this age. Through their training, ninjas strengthen their  capacities to memorize important information and to  concentrate on their endeavors under tremendous pressure.