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  江戸の隠密 武蔵一族
The Musashi Clan Ninja Warriors Ninja



    5 Day Ninja Immersion


[連絡忍衆 会員募集]
[芸能忍衆 音忍]
[通詞忍 通訳演習]
通訳・武芸 協力者募集]
[武蔵一族 忍寄合]
[郊外修行場 野忍]

You will have a training experience in the mountain village where our Shinobi folks train themselves.

<Day 1>
- Morning: Meet in Tokyo at your hotel. Visit Asakusa. Lunch is not included in the price.
- Afternoon : Visit the Jidai Academy Dojo. Learn Shuriken and Blowgun.
- Night: Transfer to Akiruno City. Lodge at Ninja-Samurai Mountain Retreat.

<Day 2>
- Breakfast and Supper: Self-catering at the retreat.
- Morning: Japanese language study. After, Ninjutsu lecture and Bojutsu lesson.
- Lunch: Dine out.- Afternoon: Learn Taijutsu.
- Night: Lesson on Jutte and Bachi (baton).

<Day 3>
- Breakfast and Supper: Self-catering at the retreat.
- Morning: Zen meditation. Then, participate in a local community activity in the forest.
- Afternoon: Field running.
- Night: Go to Onsen (Hot Spring).

- About Meditation
The art of Ninjutsu is more than learning the physical skills of the martial arts.
It is also about finding your inner self through physical conditioning, meditation, and discipline. With the practice of meditation one develops key elements of increased awareness and detachment while increasing his/her sense of inner peace.

<Day 4>
- Breakfast and Supper: Self-catering at the retreat.
- Morning: Japanese language study. Then, Ninjutsu lecture and lesson on Hojojutsu and Kusarigama.
- Lunch: Dine out.
- Afternoon: Kenjutsu (sword practice).
- Night: Ninja Mountain Trekking throughout the night.

<Day 5>
- Morning: Time to rest after overnight ninja mountain trekking.
- Lunch: Self-catering.
- Afternoon (until 3pm): Review Shuriken and Kunai.

In the martial arts training, you'll learn:

1. Bojutsu
- A Japanese martial arts style that focuses on training with a bo staff.

2. Taijutsu
- Taijutsu refers to any techniques involving unarmed combat or the development of natural human ability - a vital area of practice in ninjitsu.

3. Shuriken
- A hand-held weapon, considered to be a secret weapon.
Throwing one at an opponent is meant to create confusion or a temporary nuisance, allowing the thrower to assume a more assertive position.

4. Kunai
- A dagger-like multi-purpose utensil, used for digging, breaking, climbing, attacking, etc.

5. Kusari Fundo  
- A hand held weapon used in feudal Japan, consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) connected to each end of the chain.

6. Battojutsu/Kenjutsu
- Literally meaning "Sword Technique," pertains to techniques that entail the use of swords.

※The program is subject to change depending on local weather, local events etc. There's a possibility of changing the orders of the training.

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